Best Practice Series, Part 3: Social Customer Care

Whether your company is just getting started with social customer care or has been engaging in social listening for some time, there are unique challenges that come with engaging with your customers on this care channel. Which is why we’ve put together some best practices in social customer care to help you maximize the benefits of this channel.

Readers will learn:

  • How to address major challenges of social customer care
  • How to move from passive listening to proactive engagement
  • Tips for finding the right tool to manage social care interactions
  • How to incorporate social into an overall customer care strategy
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Jay Wolcott
About the Author
Jay Wolcott, VP of Social Media Engagement Product, is the Founder of Digital Roots - Interactions AI-enabled Social Media Engagement Platform. Wolcott launched Digital Roots in 2009 with a clear vision to provide the most advanced social media engagement and insights platform and has since grown the platform to support some of the world’s largest brands and most progressive social media operations.